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God's Love Letter # 7

Are you looking back into the world’s history with us and learning about things that happened long before we came to live here? The Bible is our only source of information about this part of world history. It is good for us to look back and learn valuable lessons from the mistakes that other people have made.

The time came many years ago when our Creator had to punish people throughout the world. The number of people had increased greatly since the time of Adam and Eve. However, the people everywhere were interested only in the pleasures of the flesh. They refused to allow their Creator to lead and teach them as He wanted to do. They were blind to the fact that God had given people opportunity to respect Him, learn from Him, and have a world in which people love one another. God began to put His plan into action to stop the wicked people on the earth from trying to shape their own world—a world that approved of murder, rape, worship of money, selfishness, and many other terrible kinds of living.

Our Creator can see the thoughts and plans inside of every person He has created. He knows what is in the heart (spirit) of every person. He saw only one man who loved Him and wanted to obey Him. The man’s name was Noah. The Creator told Noah that He was going to send a great flood of water to destroy all living creatures on the earth. He gave Noah instructions about building a great boat. This boat would be a place of safety during the flood for Noah’s family of eight people and the male and female of all of the animals. The boat would float on the water and prevent the ones inside from dying. Noah obeyed God. He and his three sons worked for many, many years to build the boat.

Often, the people in the cities would come and make fun of Noah and his family and also make fun of God and what God planned to do. Noah patiently explained to them many times that God was going to send a great flood to destroy all people because of the wicked way in which they were living. The people refused to believe there is a Creator God who could do what Noah was telling them.

The day came when the boat was finished. God sent the animals, male and female, into the boat. Enough food, for people and animals, for many days was put into the boat. Everything was ready for the Creator to carry out His plan. He waited seven more days to see if anyone else wanted to turn from his wicked way of living and return to God. Not even one person changed his mind. Then God Himself closed the one door leading into the huge boat. No one could go out, and no one could go in. Immediately, the rains began and continued without stopping for 40 days and 40 nights. Every living thing outside the boat died.

Read Genesis chapter 6, verses 1–22; Genesis chapter 7, verses 1–24; and Genesis chapter 8, verses 1–22.

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