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God's Love Letter # 8

History tells us things that God did in past years. He is a very wise God and has a purpose in the things He does. He is constantly teaching us. What can we learn from the great flood that He sent upon the earth in the time of Noah? Does the flood tell you anything about the one true God? What is He like? How powerful is He? What is His purpose or plan for us as we live on the earth? Here are some things that came to my mind and heart as I read about this great event.

First, I can see that God is alive and that He is a God of love. He does not like the bad things that happen on the earth. The kind of earth He wants is an earth where people love one another. They treat one another with respect and help one another. They learn these things by letting Him live in their hearts. Then He shows them how to love one another.

Then I see that God has the power to continue shaping the kind of world He knows is the best kind of world. He can guide people gently or with a strong hand. If He has to do it, He can call all the forces in the world to do His will. He loves all people, but He will punish those who defy Him and refuse to respond to His love.

A third thing that I see is that the people were blind to the fact that God could have helped them and saved them from a terrible death. Even though Noah explained God’s plan many times to the people who came to see what he was doing, they would not believe what he was saying. They only laughed at Noah and laughed at God. The people did this for more than 100 years, but Noah continued getting things ready for the flood, as God had instructed him. Noah loved God and obeyed Him.

Read Psalm chapter 1, verses 1–6; and Jeremiah chapter 29, verses 11–13.

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