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God's Love Letter # 9

Again, the Bible is the only book that tells us about the early history of the world. We look there to learn about the mistakes our ancestors made as God was trying to teach them what they did right and what they did wrong.

After the flood, God continued to move ahead with His plan for the world He had created. He watched as Noah made sacrifices and gave thanks to Him for His great mercy in saving his family from death. God placed a rainbow in the sky as a sign that He would never send a great flood like that again. He told Noah and his family to spread out over the world and to have many children.

God loved the people He created—every one of them. He wanted a world full of people who loved Him and would obey Him. As people allowed themselves to be taught by God, they would learn how to have a happy life and a beautiful place to live.

Many, many years passed. The number of people increased greatly. However, they chose not to listen to God. They didn’t want God to teach them. They became very proud of themselves. Each person looked for happiness in physical pleasures he discovered each day. The leaders decided to build a great city and live close together instead of spreading out over the whole world. That way they could protect themselves better from any danger that might come to them.

The day came when the people decided that they were just as great as the God who created them. They wanted to prove to God that they themselves could do anything. To them, depending on God was not necessary. They decided that a good way to show their power to God was to build a very tall building. The building would reach up to heaven. They would see God personally and show Him that they were just as great as He is.

Read Genesis chapter 11, verses 1–9.

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